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Rest Assured… We Do the Heavy Lifting!

forklift-1At RCP Block & Brick, Inc. customer service and safety are two of our main priorities. To help make your purchase of building materials easier, not only do we have the highest quality building materials available, but we will help load your vehicle for you! When you purchase building materials from RCP you can relax while our highly trained and competent yard staff do the heavy lifting.

You can rest assured that your items will be loaded with the utmost care and respect for both your vehicle and the product you have purchased. All of our Yard staff are highly trained lift truck (forklift) operators. All RCP Block & Brick forklift operators are trained in house by a certified instructor with over 25 years of forklift experience and each operator is required to meet the regulations set forth by CAL-OSHA as well as the high standards of RCP Block & Brick, Inc.

forklift-2The 3 hour forklift classroom curriculum consists of general safety, forklift evaluations and specific RCP loading procedures.  We strongly emphasize how to load a vehicle safely while ensuring the safety of everyone visiting our sites whether on foot or driving through our sales yards.  All operators are trained on how to conduct a pre-shift evaluation of the forklifts to insure that they are in proper working order.  The RCP yard staff is trained on proper loading procedures to insure that all vehicles or trailers are loaded properly so that the load is balanced and the material makes it to the jobsite safely.  After the classroom instruction, the operators must take an extensive 61 question quiz and pass an 18 point evaluation of their forklift operating skills.This is not just a one-time training. Our operators must be trained on any new equipment that RCP may purchase and are required to be retrained every three years with no exceptions.

So REST ASSURED that you are being loaded by the best trained and highest skilled forklift operators in the business. This is just part of our ongoing commitment to give our customers the best possible experience and peace of mind while visiting RCP Block & Brick, Inc.

Anthony Rivera
RCP Block & Brick – Safety Director