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The What and the Why of RCP Block & Brick

Most of the time we tend to focus on WHAT a business does. We do this because it is how we determine whether we will go to a business to get what we want or what we need. The real trick is to come to know what are the wants and needs of the customer. To align the capabilities of the business with the current and future wants and needs of the customer.

RCP Lemon Grove Location

RCP Lemon Grove Location

For 66 years we here at RCP Block & Brick have been continually seeking to know what our customers want and what they may want in the future. All one needs to do is look at our product offering today and compare it to the products available 20, 30, or 60 years ago, to realize that RCP has done a pretty good job of having what our customers want. For many years we have believed that our masonry and hardscape patrons want a one-stop-shop.

RCP Block & Brick is uniquely that place. Where else can you go to find virtually all of the numerous kinds of masonry and hardscape products? Block, brick, natural and manmade stone, sand, rock (construction grade and landscape), cement, rebar…..the list goes on. And, it won’t stop there. We are passionate about developing and providing products to meet the changing tastes and lifestyles of builders, designers and homeowners alike.

WHAT else does RCP Block & Brick have that adds value to our customers’ experience? How about our SIX conveniently located Masonry and Hardscape centers. Our sites are within 20 minutes of most areas throughout San Diego and South Riverside Counties. You can find the same outstanding products and service that we have come to be known for at any of our locations. Whether you’re a Pro or a do-it-yourselfer, want us to deliver or you pick it up, RCP has the knowledgeable and helpful staff with a wonderful mix of youth and experience ready to assist you.

RCP Customer Service helping customerNow for the WHY. We have many customers that come to RCP for what we do. We have many customers that come back day after day, week after week, and year after year because of WHY we do WHAT we do. First of all this business is in our blood. RCP Block & Brick is a locally owned family business with 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation owners working alongside other families, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, that have made up the RCP family for most of its 66 years. Like in so many areas of life, who we are can be highly influenced by our ancestry. Additionally, we all enjoy working together and helping our customers in their quest to build beautiful masonry creations.

Whether it is to be a sustainable company and stand up to the rigors of today’s world, there are many reasons WHY we do business in the manner we do. Foremost is our desire that RCP Block & Brick be a valuable resource to its customers. A company that respects its customer, time, hard work, and ability to be profitable. WHY? Because we want our Customers to get what they want. A successful outcome on the projects they embark upon with RCP as their supplier.

Mike Finch, CEO

(Article written for Blocktalk Newsletter – 2013/Q1)

Complimenting or Contrasting Color in Hardscape Design

matching-house1What is one of the most difficult decisions a homeowner must make when adding or enhancing his or her home? Some homeowners struggle to find the right contractor or the right price, but one of the most common and unexpected decisions that homeowners must make is choosing the color or style of materials for their new projects.

I have found at least two considerations to aid this final step in the design process:

1. Consider your surroundings

Matching Retaining Wall and Interlocking Pavers

Matching Retaining Wall and Interlocking Pavers

Sometimes, by considering the structures that already exist, a homeowner can use these surrounding materials as a color key to work from. For example, if a homeowner loves the paint color on her house, she might look for a complementing decorative rock or interlocking paver color.  If another homeowner struggles to choose an interlocking paver color for his new patio, that person might look to a nearby retaining wall for inspiration. Visit the RCP Photo galleries for design ideas.

One of the wonderful aspects of many RCP products lies in our decision to maintain consistency in our color line.  So, many RCP retaining walls can be coupled with equivalent interlocking paver colors to enhance and streamline your new installation.

2. Decide whether to complement or contrast

By choosing complementing materials for a new project, a homeowner can achieve a balanced beauty enhanced with gentle nuances of color.  Having a more homogeneous coloring in this way creates a natural look that represents a garnish more than a centerpiece.  One example of this complementing design might be using one of RCP’s brownstone retaining walls near a brownstone interlocking paver installation.  Because the brownstone coloring is still blended, a homeowner gains some variation without making the wall or the patio draw attention to itself.

Fire pit and wall block with contrasting cap

Fire pit and wall block with contrasting cap

However, if a person wanted to achieve a more modern, exotic, or bold effect; he or she could look for opportunities to create highlights in the installation with more saturated colors or with a larger variety of colors.  One example of this contrasting design might come from RCP’s Terracotta Brown Country Manor with a Charcoal Brown cap.  The charcoal tone in the cap creates a nice visual edge, and because both colors are deeply saturated, they immediately stimulate the passer-by.  Similar effects can be achieved by using a differently colored border on a interlocking paver installation or by blending two RCP colors in varying proportions.  A homeowner may even decide to use a material of a contrasting color as a key piece sporadically throughout an installation to break up more uniform colors.

So, no matter what other difficult decisions you have to make regarding your new home project, let these two considerations act as the first steps in your design process; though they are not all encompassing, these two ways of looking at your new project can make your design process smoother.

Gregg Fields
ICA – RCP Escondido

For help choosing the right products or colors for your next project, contact or visit an RCP Block & Brick location near you.