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Still At It After All These Years

As we close in on the end of 2013 I feel very fortunate for the fact that RCP Block & Brick has been able to fare well during a building recession that started over six years ago. These past years have been tough on a number of homegrown building material suppliers. In recent months we have seen some of our town’s oldest independent suppliers either sell to larger, out of town companies or go out of business. It saddens me to see this happen to such good people. The Economy is not the only culprit that has caused businesses to make life changing decisions.

Competition from Mega-Companies, the cost of providing benefits for employees, regulations and the litigious society in which we find ourselves, all stack the deck against small and midsize companies. It becomes a challenge to survive when the cost of doing business and the price we can get for our products and services don’t coincide.

Marvin Finch - RCP Block & Brick Founder

Marvin Finch – RCP Block & Brick Founder

At RCP Block & Brick we face the same challenges that were cause for those old familiar names in the building material business to fade away. We know that we have to continue to work our tails off to be viable in this time and place in our industry. We work hard at giving our customers what they need. That’s what we’ve been doing since 1947. There was one thing that Marv Finch was very clear on: To succeed it takes working hard and being mindful, battling through the struggles, and having a lot of Faith. Through it all, RCP remains one of the oldest family owned building material businesses in San Diego County. We take a lot of pride in that fact.

Recently I heard a parody on a past comment made by a former political figure. He was recorded saying “We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know”. I had to think about that for a minute and then realized the fellow was just stating the obvious. In this rapidly changing world we live in who can really know what the future holds. Uncertainty continues to be the rule. Just like Marv, we have to work hard and work smart and keep the Faith.

Thanks for recognizing all that RCP Block & Brick brings to the San Diego Community and honoring us with your continued support.

Mike Finch, CEO