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With summer in full swing and the weather perfect for spending time outdoors with loved ones and friends, you may be wishing you’d stop putting off that backyard improvement project you have been thinking about all year. Maybe you are trying to justify this procrastination by convincing yourself that this just isn’t a good time to make improvements to your home… Maybe you don’t have the time to plan out and execute your projects… Or maybe the idea of tackling these projects on your own are too intimidating to get them started?

RCP Customer Service helping customerLet RCP Block &  Brick ease your fears and help turn your projects from ideas in your head to finished products in your yard. RCP Block & Brick provides a wide array of resources to help you get the project done right. We can walk you though everything aspect of the project if you are planning on doing it yourself; help you choose the right product for your particular project; and even suggest local, trusted contractors if you are looking to hire someone for the job.

Combining our ever-growing library of installation guides and project videos, the knowledge of our sales staff, and our extensive project support web section; if you have the desire to do a project, we have the resources to help you get it done right.

Project Idea Gallery

RCP Block & Brick’s Project Idea Galleries.

Not sure which type or style of project might work for your yard? Visit RCP Block & Brick’s project gallery or Pinterest page to browse inspirational pictures and ideas for your next outdoor project. This is a great starting point when getting the creative juices flowing.

If you need help determining which product would work best for your project, call or visit one of our many locations. Our sales staff can discuss your specific project, show you examples of the different products that may work best for your application, and help calculate the needed product quantities to save you time and money on your project!

List of Qualified Installers

RCP’s list of qualified installers (Contact a Location Near You for More Info)

Finally, if your idea is simply out of the scope of a Do-It-Yourself project, we can help you pick the right contractor for the job. RCP Block & Brick can supply a list of preferred contractors in your area to help get your project started and completed in a timely manner.

So what are you waiting for? Visit one of our six conveniently located sales yards or visit to finally make that long overdue project a reality! We look forward to helping you in every step along the way.