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What are Hardscapes?

If you’re embarking on your first landscaping project, there could be some terminology you aren’t totally familiar with. One term you may hear frequently but not be completely sure of is hardscapes. You’ll see that word pop up in landscape blogs, hear your contractor say it, and you’ll see it on our website when we say “Since 1947, RCP Block & Brick has been manufacturing and supplying the finest hardscape products and masonry supplies to Southern California contractors and homeowners.”

Well what does hardscape mean? And how does it differ from similar terms like landscape and softscape? Well landscape refers all of the elements of your yard. The hardscape aspects of a landscape project are all the non-living, “hard” materials in your yard. Hardscapes can be made from concrete, natural stone, and wood and include paver walkways, concrete driveways, fences, decks, concrete block walls, retaining walls, flagstone, and gravel ground cover. These things make up the bones of your landscape project and should be considered and planned before you move on to the softscapes, or the living aspects of your landscape project such as grass, plants, flowers and trees.

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