The Original Keystone Wall Products

Keystone Legacy Retaining Wall Block SystemWhen planning your retaining wall project, it is important to pick a retaining wall product that has proven to last, is backed by solid engineering, and designed for your particular project. RCP Block & Brick is an authorized manufacturer of the original Keystone Retaining Wall Systems. Keystone Retaining Wall products come in a variety sizes and styles to fit the structural and aesthetic needs of any retaining wall project. See RCP’s Selection of Retaining Wall Products

Which Keystone Wall Product is Right for Your Project?

An important first step before choosing which Keystone wall system is right for your project is determining the height of your wall. Certain Keystone wall block systems have height restrictions, making them unsuitable in applications where the needed height of the wall extends beyond their engineered use. Another important early step is to consult with the building department of your local municipality to determine if there are any permit requirements, engineering requirements, or building restrictions that may affect your project. RCP can help you Figure out the Building Permit Process.

Keystone Garden Wall Retaining Wall System

Keystone Garden Wall

For smaller retaining walls and planter boxes, consider our smaller blocks Keystone Country Cottage and Keystone Garden Wall.  Both are light weight making them easy to work with and set in place. The varieties of colors these products are available in ensure your finished product will be unique. But keep in mind these products are best suited for smaller projects as the Country Cottage has a maximum height of 20”, while the Garden Wall can be built up to 24”.

Keystone Country Manor Wall

Keystone Country Manor Wall

The Keystone line provides even more options for larger walls. The Keystone Legacy retaining wall block provides a similar look as the Garden Wall with the increased maximum height of 36”. For taller walls, look no further than the Keystone Compac II, Keystone Century Wall, Keystone Country Manor, and Keystone Verazzo 4-Face Stone wall systems. These four systems provide different looks to satisfy any taste, while all of them are pre-engineered for walls up to 6’ in height.

Finish Your Keystone Wall with a Matching Wall Cap Unit

Keystone Wall Cap Unit

Keystone Country Cap

RCP Block & Brick also provides a number of matching wall cap options for your Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, as well as all the accessories needed to complete your project such as a fiberglass pins for select wall systems, masonry adhesive for securing caps, drainage pipe, and ¾” crushed gravel.

For more information on the different Keystone Retaining Wall Systems and all wall systems available at RCP Block & Brick, including installation guides, visit one of our six convenient retail locations and speak with one of our experts behind the counter. We look forward to helping you with your next project!