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Concrete Block: Regalstone Block
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Regalstone Concrete Block

Regalstone concrete masonry units combine the beauty of stone with the cost effectiveness of concrete block construction. The Regalstone look is accomplished by grinding the surface of our standard Precision Block, exposing the beautiful aggregate dispersion throughout the face of the block. Custom colors and aggregates are available.

Regalstone Block conforms to the same structural specifications and shapes & sizes as our Precision Block.

Regalstone Texture Before Grinding
Regalstone - Before
Color: Charcoal
Regalstone Texture After Grinding
Regalstone - After
Color: Charcoal
Regalstone Concrete Block Unit

Regalstone Concrete Block Available Colors

Regalstone Concrete Block Printable Product Sheet

  • Product Notes:
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  • All block are run on a per job basis and are available with a four to six week lead time.
  • Colors: Regalstone Block are manufactured in a range of integral colors.
  • Aggregate: Typically manufactured using Black Cinders, Regalstone Block can also incorporate a wide range of aggregates in the design mix to achieve different architectural effects, weights, or strengths.
  • Structural units: Conform to ASTM C90, Specification for Load-bearing Masonry Units, Medium Weight. These units also comply with the latest editions of ACI 530, and Chapter 21 of the California Building Code (CBC) and the International Building Code (IBC).
  • To achieve the industry standard Medium Weight, RCP Block manufactures with black volcanic cinders that conform to ASTM C331, Specification for Lightweight Aggregates for Concrete Masonry Units. Different weights and design strengths are available on Special Order.
  • Non-structural units: Conform to ASTM C129, Specification for Non-load bearing Concrete Masonry Units.
  • USGBC LEED: When specified to meet USGBC LEED, CHPS, or Cal Green, RCP Block & Brick manufactures a concrete block that will conform to the post consumer recycled content per ICC SAVE: VAR 1003. Minimum quantity production order may be required.