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Go Green with RCP Block & Brick

From the early days of concrete masonry, right up to the present, those who understood the energy efficiency, durability, and natural aesthetics of concrete masonry have realized that it doesn't take special efforts to make concrete masonry environmentally friendly... it is a natural building material with unparalleled environmental qualities.

RCP Block & Brick prides itself on pushing the proverbial green envelope in an effort to provide the best environmentally friendly concrete products. Below are a few ways we are helping keep the planet green.

Daily Green Operations RCP Block & Brick: Green Operations
RCP Block & Brick prides itself on not only producing environmentally friendly concrete products, but we also take steps in our daily business practices to minimize our effect on the environment and keep our planet green.
LEED Points with Concrete Masonry and Hardscape LEED Points with Concrete Masonry & Hardscape
LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system aimed at improving performance across all environmental metrics that matter most. Concrete masonry and hardscape products contribute to LEED points in several areas.
LEED Certified Project Winners LEED Project Award Winners
RCP Block & Brick has had a hand in a variety of LEED award winning projects in the Southern California area. This section is a showcase of these projects and the architects who have taken the extra steps to design LEED qualified structures.