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What People are Saying About RCP

Whether it be helping you pick the right product for the job, offering valuable tips and tricks for the installation of your project, suggesting color combinations, or simply loading your vehicle for you; RCP Block & Brick cares about our customers. Don't just take our word for it, hear what others have to say!

"I am a recent customer at the Chula Vista location. I recently purchased materials for a small retaining wall project for my house in Imperial Beach. I am not one who is too handy at construction and do-it-yourself type projects. Still, I wanted to get this project done.

The bottom line is that I went into your store and was helped out by a young man named Felder. I explained my project and he quickly outlined my options and costs of materials with the variables and ancillary materials explained. He was patient and professional. He even walked out in the yard to show me the differences between certain materials.

In the end, my learning curve went way up and I was able to avoid 'gouging' bids for my project because I know had valuable information. I ended buying my materials directly from RCP and simply hired someone for the labor. My project ended up costing far less.

Felder, armed me with information so that I understood my own project. This made it much more enjoyable and cost effective. Simply put, he acted like a pro and someone that represented your company well. Kudos to you for having excellent staff."

Barry J. - Chula Vista


"On Sept 11 I bought half a yard of pebbles at Lemon Grove location. On my way home my pick up truck died on Sweetwater and Blossom Lane in the middle lane truck wont start. A bigger truck pulled up in front and the guy helped me pulled my truck over to the side for safety. He happened to be one of your employees at Lemon Grove named Carlos. What a nice guy. My wife and I were so grateful for what he did. Carlo, thank you so much."

Renato B. – Lemon Grove, CA



"I had never been to a 'block and brick' yard before, and I was expecting something out of the Flintstones (Kind of icky, dirty guys grunting at me!) Instead, I encountered the friendliest, most accommodating and professional staff I could imagine! The fellows behind the counter were so helpful and knowledgeable. Truly, if the rest of my retail experiences were like that, life would be a whole lot more enjoyable. The fellows out in the yard, meanwhile, couldn’t have been more ‘what can I do for you?’

So, we were kind of picking through a HEAVY pile of stuff, and ultimately, I found the five or six slabs that I wanted. I wasn’t a big sale that day (around $60). And, yet, I was treated royally! Congratulations on having such an outstanding staff. (By the way, two different men helped me in the office, and another two helped me in the yard… all outstanding!)."

Christine D. – Coronado, CA



"We recently completed a project where we obtained the pavers, supersand, and edge restraints from RCP.  Since we've never done this sort of work, I was operating entirely from information I'd found on the 'Net'.  When we purchased the material the salesman was not at all bothered by the fact that we were novices, he answered all my questions and was generally very helpful.  When the pavers were delivered, the driver took the time to share with me some photos of work he'd recently completed on his own home: again very friendly and helpful.  Likewise, all the yardmen who helped us load our truck with sand and other items were all willing to help - a very satisfying experience overall... everyone was quite helpful: a distinct theme at RCP."

Randy M. - San Diego, CA



"This past Monday I concluded a transaction at your Lemon Grove location and walked away with the most wonderful sense of satisfaction. I wanted to thank and compliment the men who assisted me with the counting and loading of my bricks.

I had a chance to work with several of the yard men, and without exception, they were courteous, efficient, and positive in their demeanor. I truly enjoy doing business with RCP. I’m just the “little guy” as far as your customers go, but I was treated with great dignity at all times."

Bradley L. – La Mesa, CA



"I wanted to take a moment and let you know that your delivery driver on this order was someone outstanding.  I have never had a driver thank me for my order and for continuing his opportunity of employment.  In his words: “Thanks for your order and for keeping us guys working”. What a refreshing change. Makes me want to order again!"

Paul N. - Chula Vista, CA


"For several years (a few years ago), I was a frequent user of your products. Now, at age 90, my body and projects have slowed down significantly. A few days ago, I was at your facility to order a load of pea gravel. The gentleman who handled the order was helpful and courteous beyond the norm. You are fortunate to have such an outstanding employee in your office. I thank you and congratulate you for having such an exceptional employee."

Charles A. – Escondido, CA



"We had 6 pallets of Keystone Legacy delivered to our home on Tuesday, July 1. Eddie, our delivery driver, was wonderful. It would have been easy for him to be cranky as the last delivery with a challenging location on a hot day at lunchtime, but Eddie was as pleasant as could be. He was considerate of our personal property by moving a hose so he wouldn’t ruin it and maneuvering around a drain pipe sticking out. He was polite and courteous to me, who was holding a baby.

Even with the challenging location, Eddie never complained, rather he took it as an opportunity to hone his skills. At least twice, he said ‘Thank you for doing business with us.’ "

Karen R. – El Cajon, CA



"RCP had a great selection and very friendly service people.  Our order went perfectly and the delivery time was quick.  We had our stuff (13 pallets worth) in two days.  They keep printed price lists in the office that you can take and there were no sales pitches.  I got honest answers and am very happy with the product I got."

Billy J. - San Diego, CA


"RCP is the only place for you to find exactly what you want when designing your landscaping. They have the best selection and are very easy to work with."

Cindy C. - San Diego, CA



"They are great people here. Completely nice and friendly. They always try to get you what you want when you want it. They have displays and the employees are always nice."

Nanette A. - San Diego, CA



"This is the place to go. Loyal employees and great customers make this block and brick yard a perfect way to start your home improvements. They have great displays to show you what your dream home can be!"

Krystal U. - San Diego, CA



"If you are landscaping or redoing your driveway this is the perfect place to go; they have all types of pavers and bricks and the price is reasonable."

Betty B. - San Diego, CA



"So I usually call the Lemon Grove store first and when they don't have something in stock, they'll try the Chula Vista location and they'll have it. Super convenient right on and off the freeway, the guys here help you really quickly, and they'll help you load your truck too. The best of the best!"

Tim B. - Poway, CA



"I visit this RCP location fairly often and always have a great experience. The employees are helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. The location is convenient and they have a variety of products to see. Keep up the good work, RCP-Encinitas!"

Erin H. - Carlsbad, CA



"My sister just redid all 3 fireplaces in her house and purchased some material from home depot... then she came here for the 3rd fireplace and realized that the things she bought were cheaper here! So we are redoing our 2nd, and last, fireplace and loved the stacked stone my sis got for hers... so we came here.. .there was sooo much selection of stacked stone! All different colors, shades and finishes...wow! and they were all done on a wall so you could see the finished product.   The staff is super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful...they were able to show us other matching pieces to accent what we had already selected."

Shalini G. - San Diego, CA



"I love RCP. They have an incredible variety of, well, block and brick (the name suits them well!). They are friendly and very reasonably priced. I was able to remodel our entire patio with beautiful flagstone for way less than I planned on paying. I would recommend RCP to anyone looking to update their landscape; it is a great Santee business!"

Mariah - San Diego, CA