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Retaining Walls & Landscape Walls: Keystone Country Manor
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Keystone Country Manor Retaining Wall Planter Box Keystone Country Manor Landscape Wall Keystone Country Manor Front Yard Retaining Wall Keystone Country Manor Landscape Wall

Country Manor Landscape Wall Block

The Keystone Country Manor Landscape Wall is perfect for both retaining wall and freestanding wall applications, and is one of the most popular wall choices. The random and rugged texture, blended with color and character, give these Keystone landscape wall block the appearance of natural stone. This wall style uses the latest built-in technology of the Keystone pin connection. Excellent flexibility in both freestanding wall and retaining wall applications.

  • Free-standing walls up to 30" in height
  • Retaining walls up to 6' in height per RCP Standardized Manuals. Larger walls require additional engineering.
  • Ideal for serpentine and curved walls

Keystone Country Manor Retaining Wall Block Product Image

Piece Height: Width: Depth: Weight: Pallet:
Large 6" 16"/14" 10" 58lbs 25sqft
(All Pieces Mixed)
Medium 6" 12"/10" 10" 40lbs
Small 6" 6"/4" 10" 22lbs
Available Colors:
Brownstone Color
Brown Stone
Graystone Color
Grey Stone
Yellow Brown Color
Yellow Brown
Terra Cotta Brown Color
TC Brown
Charcoal Brown Color
Char Brown
Sky Ranch Color
Sky Ranch

NOTE: Actual colors may vary. Please visit an RCP Block & Brick location near you to view samples.
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