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Retaining Walls & Landscape Walls: Bella Vista Semplice Wall
Bella Vista Semplice Landscape Wall Picture
Bella Vista Semplice Landcape Wall Bella Vista Semplice Free Standing Backyard Wall Bella Vista Semplice Landscape Wall Free Standing Wall  

Semplice Landscape Wall Block

The Bella Vista Semplice Landscape Wall block is an excellent addition to any yard. Easy to build, this multi-piece wall system gives a random look in an old-world style. Great for both small retaining walls or freestanding landscape wall projects. Included in this landscape wall block style are the Standard Units, the Semplice Grande units for an added random look, or the Semplice Angle unit for curves and matching fire pits.

  • Free-standing & retaining walls up to 24" in height
  • Multi- piece system for true random look
  • 3 popular colors to choose from
Bella Vista Semplice Regular Block Units
Semplice Angle Unit
Available Colors:
Charcoal Brown Color
Char Brown
Brownstone Color
Brown Stone
Graystone Color
Grey Stone

NOTE: Actual colors may vary. Please visit an RCP Block & Brick location near you to view samples.
Piece Height: Width: Depth: Pallet:
A. Std 4" Unit 4" 4" 8" 36sqft
(All Pieces Mixed)
B. Std 6" Unit 4" 6" 8"
C. Std 8" Unit 4" 8" 8"
D. Std 16" Unit 4" 16" 8"
E. Std 12" Unit 4" 12" 8"
F. Std 10" Unit 4" 10" 8"
G. Cap 2.375" 11" 8.25" 180pcs
H. Angle Unit 4" 6"/9" 8" 90pcs

Recommended Products:
California Capstone Semplice Wall Cap
Finish your Semplice project with the proper wall cap.
3/4" Crushed Gravel 3/4" Crushed Gravel
Needed for both the base and backfill of your wall project.
Masonry Adhesive Masonry Adhesive
Use to connect courses of block to each other.