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How Many Concrete Pavers Do I Need?

You have a plan for your new concrete paver patio, driveway or pathway. You know the area you want to cover. You've chosen a paver style. You know the color(s) you want to use. You have decided on a pattern. Now you need to figure out how many concrete pavers you need to complete the project.

The Bella Vista line of Concrete Pavers includes many different paver styles. Each of these styles come in varying sized units. This translates to a variety of possible patterns for each paver style. The question is, how many pavers of each size will you need to create the pattern you choose?

Figuring out needed paver quantities involves a few variables and a simple calculation:

  1. You will need to know the area of the project in square feet.
  2. You will need to know the percentage of each size needed. Info found under each pattern.
  3. You will need to know how many of each paver size you need to create one square foot. This information is available under the Product Specifications for each paver style.
Calculating paver quantities

Multiply the total project area by the needed percentage. This will give you the needed square feet for each paver size. Then multiply this result by the pieces per square foot. This will tell you how many individual units you will need for your project area. This calculation needs to be done for each size paver. We provide a sample calculation below.

Sample Calculation

(Total Area) x (%) x (PCS/Sqft)

Antique Cobble Pavers in a Modified Herringbone Pattern covering a 500sqft area:

Area % PCS/sqft PCS:
Jumbo: 500 .375 1.59 299
Rectangle: 500 .375 3.17 595
Square: 500 .25 4.76 595

In the above sample calculation, you can see that you will need: 299 pieces of the Jumbo size; 595 pieces of the Rectangle size; and 595 pieces of the Small size pavers. If math is not your strong suit, we also make it easy with our Hardscape and Masonry Product Calculator App, avialable for your mobile device. Provide us with the project area, paver style, and paver pattern and the app will do this calculations for you.

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