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Calculate Material Quantities for Your Project!

This FREE Mobile App provides a collection of masonry and hardscape calculators that will help you easily calculate material quantities for your next project. Simply select a product, enter a few measurements, and this app will give you an itemized list of the needed supplies. There is even an option to submit your material estimates for a free price quote!

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Included Calculators:

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Terms and Conditions

All results for the provided calculators are estimates only. Results provided, are based on industry standards or most currently available conversions. Other products beyond those presented as “Needed” for a particular project or estimate might be necessary to complete said project and have been purposely excluded in the interest of simplicity of information returned within this app. As an example, block walls typically require concrete foundations and reinforcing steel, but are not calculated or presented as “Needed.” Each city or county has different building standards and requirements that should be followed for various types of hardscape and/or building wall projects. Please refer to your local building department for those requirements. Many products within this estimator have height restrictions suggested by the product designers and engineers. All images within the app represent the closest depiction of the products they intended to display but are not going to be an exact match to actual product represented. RCP Block & Brick always recommends visiting a physical sales location in order to obtain a first-hand visual of the products you are interested in using for your project. RCP Block & Brick, its Agents, Employees, Application Development Team, and their Families hold no responsibility for how you, the User, apply the information obtained from calculations and estimates created by this app.

For more information, please contact the RCP Block & Brick App Development Team.

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