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Hi-Temp Pumice Flue Liners

Hi-Temp Pumice Flue Liners

RCP Hi-Temp Pumice Flue Liners out-perform other flue liners in any comparison you care to make. These flue liners weigh considerably less than clay (1/3 less on a per foot basis). This aspect will lead to faster finishing and easier handling.

Hi-Temp Pumice Flue Liners also have the physical characteristics that make them the superior choice for fireplaces. They have exceptional resistance to thermal shock and extremely low thermal conductivity. They offer good resistance to acids and other flue gases. They cause little soot build-up since the inside surface heats and cools quickly.

Product Specifications:

Hi-Temp Pumice Flue Liner Unit
Available Sizes:
10"x17.5" 22 lbs
13"x17" 26.5 lbs
13"x20" 30 lbs
17"x20" 38 lbs

NOTE: All sizes may not be stocked at every location. Please contact RCP Block & Brick for more information.

Hi-Temp Pumice Flue Liner Selector:

Size No:
Size EFF Area
37 10% - 104 sq/in 10"x17.5" 108 sq/in
48 10% - 150 sq/in 13"x17" 150 sq/in
48 12% - 181 sq/in 13"x20" 181 sq/in
60 10% - 185 sq/in 13"x20" 181 sq/in
60 12% - 222 sq/in 17"x20" 242 sq/in
72 10% - 227 sq/in 17"x20" 242 sq/in

ICC-ES Report:

Hi-Temp Flue Liner ICC-ES Report

Hi-Temp Flue Lining
ICC-ES Legacy Report ER-2602

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