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The Magic of Masonry

Masonry Proves To Be A Superior Building Material

Masonry has been with us for thousands of years. With performance existing far beyond that of light-weight walls, masonry is the material of our past and will be a viable building material for years into our future. Following are a list of benefits in which masonry proves to be the superior building material for many projects:

Masonry Has Design Flexibility

Design Flexibility

Masonry products can be made in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes to meet any architectural design requirements. In other words, concrete masonry units will get the job done.

Masonry has various colors and textures

Color & Texture

With their integral color and textures, and the wide range of surface treatments, concrete masonry products are ideal as a both a construction material and a finish material.

Masonry is Structurally Sound


Masonry is foremost a structural material. With steel reinforcing, masonry walls can be built to meet and exceed the toughest structural and seismic performance requirements.

Masonry is Fire Resistant

Fire Resistance

Masonry products are unsurpassed for fire resistance, and are essential where good fire protection is needed. Many instances have occurred where masonry is the only material standing after a fire.

Masonry Provides Acoustic Separation

Acoustic Separation

Because of their mass and air-tightness, concrete masonry walls provide superior sound isolation and control in your structure. Performance unmatched in many other building materials.

Masonry has excellent weatherability


Masonry materials are extremely durable and resistant to sun, wind, and rain. They offer greater infiltration control than many alternative wall construction. There is a reason masonry has been around for thousands of years.

Masonry is easily maintained

Easy Maintenance

Masonry walls are maintenance-free, and retain their beauty and appearance for the life of the building. With the addition of chemical sealants, protection from things such as vandalism can be achieved as well.

Masonry provides thermal mass

Thermal Mass

Masonry’s ability to store heat is built-in; the heavier the wall, the more thermal mass it has. This leads to increase savings when both heating and cooling the masonry structure.

Masonry includes recylced material

Recycled Content

RCP Block & Brick’s masonry units have been certified as having 25% post-consumer recycled content. RCP’s third party certification comes from the ICC-ES SAVE program.

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