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Artificial Turf and Grass

RCP Block & Brick's line of artificial turf offers an attractive, authentic-looking artificial grass that stays beautiful year-round for play or relaxation. These artificial turf styles include realistic grass colors, varying grass blade lengths, blade shape variations, and cutting edge synthetic fibers providing the most realistic looking turf available on the market. When searching for the perfect artificial turf for your project, look no further than RCP's selection of Ulitmate Lawn Products.

Availability:  7.5'x10' Emerald precut rolls available at all RCP locations. All other styles available, in any quantitiy, through delivery only.

Why Choose Artificial Turf from RCP?

RCP Block & Brick's line of artificial turf allows you to stay green all year round, perfect for bustling households that desire a vibrant lawn. Featuring proprietary odor-control and antimicrobial technology (in all styles except the putting green), this turf is safe for kids and pets, and free from harmful chemicals or extra maintenance. Adding to these qualities, our turf is fast draining, has an unmatched realistic appearance, and comes with both residential an commercial warranties (see below).

Antimicrobial properties


Product Warranty

Limited Warranty

Fast Draining

Fast Drainage

Looks Real

Realistic Look

Safe for Pets and Kids

Kids & Pet Safe

Virtually No Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Artificial Turf Considerations

Aside from the countless beneifits to choosing artificial turf for your outdoor space, there are a few things you should consider when planning your project.

  1. Reflected Light – When planning your location for the installation of artificial turf, be aware of areas where south facing windows may reflect sunlight onto the turf area. There have been instances where the increased intensity and heat from the reflected light has caused visible marks to the turf surface.

  2. Fire Sources – Be sure to keep fires, open flames, cigarettes, and any hot surfaces off and away from the artificial turf. The turf does not burn (won’t hold a flame), but it can melt at temperatures above 320°F (130°C).

  3. Absorbed Heat – By nature, synthetic lawns are usually warmer than natural lawns, as they absorb the heat of the mid-day sun. This heating factor will be increased if using crumb-rubber in-fill. We therefore recommend, and sell sand in-fill which stays about 30% cooler than rubber.

  4. Odor Management – While our turf does provide built-in anti-microbial qualities that will help limit odors, if pets will be "using" the artificial turf area, it is highly recommended to apply a layer of zeolite both under the turf installation as well as mixed within the regular turf fill. This will greatly help to eliminate and control pet odors.

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