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RCP Block & Brick’s line of artificial turf, "Ultimate Lawn Products", is among the top artificial turfs in quality and technology. Artificial turf has evolved quite a bit over the years. The synthetic lawn designs on the market today incorporate such things as realistic grass colors, varying grass blade lengths, blade shape variations, cutting edge synthetic fibers.. These design aspects give RCP Block & Brick’s styles of artificial grass the most realistic appearance available.

Artificial Turf Styles:

NOTE: Colors may vary compared to what is displayed online. Please view actual product samples.

Diamond Supreme Fescue Turf Artificial Grass Artificial Turf

Diamond Supreme Fescue

85oz - 2.5" Pile (approx)

Silverado Cool Artificial Grass Artificial Turf

Silverado Cool

75oz - 1.875" Pile (approx)

La Costa Cool Turf Artificial Grass Artificial Turf

La Costa Cool

75oz - 1.875" Pile (approx)

Pala Mesa Cool Turf Artificial Grass Artificial Turf

Pala Mesa Cool

75oz - 1.875" Pile (approx)

Pet Turf Cool Artificial Grass Artificial Turf

Pet Turf Cool

60oz - 1" Pile (approx)

Balboa Artificial Grass Artificial Turf


68oz - 1.75" Pile (approx)

Willowbrook Artificial Grass Artificial Turf


67oz - 1.75" Pile (approx)

Trilogy II Artificial Grass Artificial Turf

Trilogy II

65oz - 1.625" Pile (approx)

Maderas II Artificial Grass Artificial Turf

Maderas II

60oz - 1.75" Pile (approx)

Aviara Artificial Grass Artificial Turf


50oz - 1.625" Pile (approx)

Riverwalk Artificial Grass Artificial Turf


32oz - 1.25" Pile (approx)

Crosby Putt Artificial Putting Green Grass Artificial Turf

Crosby Putt

50oz - .5" Pile (approx)

Installation Accessories:

Turf Fill for Artificial Turf

Turf Fill

Turf Deodorizer Zeolite for Pet Odors on Artificial Turf

Zeolite - Turf Deodorizer

Turf Tape for Joining Turf Sections

Turf Tape

Weed Barrier

Weed Barrier

Nails for Installation


Putting Green Cups and Flags

Flags & Cups

Things To Know:

Common Terms:

Project Considerations:


Installing Artificial Turf Guide

Artificial Turf Installation Guide

Paver Warranty

Artificial Turf 15 Year Warranty

Our manufacturer endeavors to use the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques in the production of Synthetic Turf. Our products are manufactured within their manufacturing tolerances. The fibers and backings used are independently warranted by RCP Block & Brick with the full backing and support of our manufacturer. The materials are guaranteed against defects in workmanship, performed by our manufacturer for a period of fifteen years from the date of purchase. A licensed, bonded, and insured contractor must install the Synthetic Turf for the warranty to take effect. Proper levels of infill, as well as seaming tape must also be used for a valid warranty.

The term “Synthetic Turf”, as used herein, shall only include work performed by our manufacturer. This guarantee shall not cover any defects, failure or damage in or to the Synthetic Turf, which is:

Synthetic Turf is considered a consumable product; therefore this warranty excludes wear and tear.

This guarantee is expressly in lieu of all conditions and warranties expressed or implied in fact or by law or otherwise, including without limitation, any implied conditions or warranties as to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. No person or party is authorized to create any obligation or liability for our manufacturer and only the guarantee expressed herein shall apply.

Our manufacturer’s obligations under this guarantee are restricted to the repair or, at its sole option, replacement of all, or the affected parts covered herein. The manufacturer’s liability under this warranty is limited to the material value of the item to be repaired and replaced.

The remedy of repair or replacement set forth herein shall be the sole remedy, and the Manufacturer and or RCP Block & Brick, shall have no other obligations or liability in connection with any matter or thing, including without limitation, damages for personal injury damages related to lost revenue, increased costs, downtime costs and all other indirect or consequential damages.

The manufacturer endeavors to handle all warranty claims promptly and professionally conditional on customer’s account being in good standing at time of claim.

It is agreed that any claims by purchaser made under the foregoing guarantee shall be invalid and null and void unless made in writing to the manufacturer within (15) years from the date of purchase and within (30) days of learning of the cause giving rise to the claim.

The warranty is not transferable. RCP Block & Brick will provide the manufacturers’ information at the time an initial written warranty claim is filed.

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