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History of RCP Block & Brick

Continuing the legacy of a family owned and operated business after all these years.

The years following the end of World War II dawned a new age for San Diego County. The war had brought an influx of new residents into the area, largely due to the presence of the United States Navy. Most who came because of military service or wartime jobs, made the decision to put down roots and stay in the beautiful surroundings they now found themselves in. This created a number of opportunities for the men and women who had served their country.

Marvin Finch
Marvin Finch - RCP Founder

A natural growth industry in this up and coming town would be construction. More homes, schools, churches and stores would need to be built to support the increased population. Lumber, plaster, brick, “BLOCK” and mortar were necessary to provide shelter and shops, and these needs could provide a new way of life for those coming home from far away lands.

In 1947 Marvin Finch was one of those young lads. At the age of 20 years he was returning from Germany after months of helping in the War clean-up effort. His service had taught him many things. Taking orders as a private, he learned that he wanted to be his own boss and didn't want to work for someone else. A high school pal discovered that Marv had $400 pay from the Army Air Corp. burning a hole in his pocket. That, along with a strong back, bought him an ownership interest with his friend and a couple of other fellows in a concrete block making business. Revolutionized Concrete Products was born (later shortened to "RCP"). It started with only four employees and made only one size of concrete block, an 8x4x12 that was cranked out by hand. Sales for the first 12 months totaled $8,000. Hard work, small returns and tough times eventually took their toll on Marv’s three partners and by the early 50’s he was a sole proprietor.

La Mesa Block
La Mesa Block Company

In 1948 the Chubb Family of La Mesa (Harry, Jane and their sons Wayne and Gene) established La Mesa Block Company, which, similar to R.C.P. Company, manufactured a limited line of concrete block using very basic methods. As time went on, each business continued to prosper. La Mesa Block Company expanded, with stores in Lemon Grove, La Mesa and Santee. Also in Santee, a modern block manufacturing plant was built, and in 1966 La Mesa Block and R.C.P. Company merged to become what is now RCP Block & Brick, Inc. Since that time, growth in the San Diego building industry and at RCP has been tremendous.

At present, RCP Block & Brick serves contractors, homeowners, dealers, municipalities and government agencies throughout Southern California from Six Complete Masonry Centers located in Chula Vista, Lemon Grove, Santee, Encinitas, Escondido and Murrieta. Using the latest technology, RCP Block & Brick's state of the art manufacturing facility in San Diego County produces thousands of concrete masonry units in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures. The RCP line of products includes not only basic concrete block, but attractive architectural units, interlocking pavers, Keystone segmental retaining walls, tumbled pavers and tumbled landscape wall block, plus pumice flue liners, turf-block and several hardscape items. Products such as clay brick, glass block, stone, porcelain tile, barbecues and more, round out the line of available building materials. Also available is delivery to customer’s homes or job sites on RCP’s fleet of GPS guided, radio dispatched trucks.

Loading Block Old School Style
Serving Southern California Since 1947

A dedication to honest business practices, outstanding quality and friendly, personal service is the foundation on which RCP was built and management continues to be dedicated to those founding principles. The untimely passing of Marvin Finch in 1998 and brother Chuck Finch in 2010 were sad times for family, staff and customers alike. However, Marvin’s sons Mike and Tom Finch, daughters Kathy Finch Olsen and Sharon Finch Regano, brother Dick Finch and partner Gene Chubb, remain committed to Marvin’s ideals and values. That commitment can also be seen in RCP’s 250 plus employees, many of whom have been with the company for 20 or 30 years and longer.

Numerous business honors have been awarded RCP Block & Brick including “San Diego County Small Business of the Year” from the State Senate in 1986 and “Large Family Owned Business of the Year” in November 2003. RCP also strives to be a good neighbor in the community through sponsorship of youth sports, donations of time, material and money to many worthwhile organizations and its annual Christmas food and toy drive. The company also belongs to State and National Concrete Masonry Associations and participates in their extensive testing programs to ensure high standards of block strength and quality.

Manufacturing Operations

RCP Block & Brick manufactures and develops a vast array of concrete masonry and hardscape products. From basic concrete block to distinctive architectural units, to the entire Bella Vista line of hardscape products; RCP Block & Brick manufactured products can be seen on many commercial and residential projects throughout California, Arizona, and Mexico.

Otay Mesa Manufacturing Plant
RCP Manufacturing Plant - Otay Mesa, CA

The two 50,000 square foot buildings at RCP Block & Brick's Otay Mesa Plant house three Columbia block production machines capable of producing millions of units per year. This fully automated facility includes computer controlled machines and a rail system for moving product from machine, to curing rooms, and finally to the automated pallet wrapping machine. The Otay Mesa Plant also boasts a Granumat Color Mixing System which enables uniform color distribution, resulting in bright, consistent colors throughout the products.

The now defunct manufacturing plant located in Santee, CA was established in the mid 1950’s and then decommissioned in early 2016. Intensive projects were undertaken, and continue, in an effort to restore the area to its original natural habitat along the San Diego River. When all production from the Santee location was phased out, it was transferred to the Otay Mesa production facitlity. The Otay Mesa production facility is capable of producing the complete line of manufactured products available from RCP Block & Brick. Other specialized machines located at RCP’s manufacturing plant includes block related machines such as: In-line tumblers, splitters, shot-blasting, grinding, and other specialized treatments. RCP also runs a sacking operation which bags such items as sand, gravel, decorative rock and more.

Retail Sales Locations

The convenience of accessibility across San Diego and SW Riverside Counties. In addition to it state of the art manufacturing plant, RCP Block & Brick operates 6 retail outlets in the Southern California area. With 5 locations in San Diego County (Chula Vista, Encinitas, Escondido, Lemon Grove, and Santee) and 1 location in Southwest Riverside County (Murrieta), RCP Block & Brick is able to provide the highest quality masonry and hardscape products to homeowners and contractors with convenience.

RCP Administrative Offices Lemon Grove
RCP Administrative Offices in Lemon Grove, CA

Open Monday through Saturday, these retail locations are open to the public and staffed by knowledgeable sales associates who are able to help customers find the right products for their projects. The selection of products available includes full lines of: Concrete Block, Brick, Landscape Walls, Interlocking Pavers, Stone Veneer, Decorative Natural Stones, Artificial Turf, Tile, Bulk Products, Stepping Stones, Garden Edgers, Tools, and all the odds and ends needed for the completion of any masonry or hardscape project.

RCP Block & Brick's administrative offices are located at the Lemon Grove, CA location, and provide an array of services for customers. Dedictated archtictural representatives, engineering support for projects including Keystone Retaining walls, purchasing, payables, and credit departments. As a family and a team, RCP Block & Brick strives to provide the best of services and support to all of its customers.

Core Values of RCP Block & Brick

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