Sand, Gravel, & DG

Sand, Gravel, and DG

Sand, Gravel, & DG selection includes construction grade sands, gravels, soils, and decomposed granite (DG) for your masonry or hardscape projects. These products are sold in sack, cubic yard, and truckload quantities unless otherwise noted. For questions on product usage or quantity estimates for your project, please contact an RCP Block & Brick near you.

Quantity Calculations: 1 cubic yard will cover approximately 160sqft @ 2" deep; 1 sack will cover approximately 8sqft @ 1" deep

RCP Retail Price Sheet

NOTE: Product availability may vary by location. Color may also vary, please view actual product for true color.

3/4 in Crushed Gravel

3/4" Crushed Gravel

3/8 in Crushed Pea Gravel

3/8" Pea Gravel

3/8 in Murrieta Pea Gravel

3/8" Pea Gravel - Murrieta

Class II Road Base

Class II Road Base

Sand and Aggregate Mix C-Mix

Sand & Aggregate Mix (C-Mix)

Masonry Sand

Masonry Sand

Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand

Plaster Sand

Plaster Sand

Decomposed Granite DG Soil

Decomposed Granite (DG)

Decomposed Granite Desert Color Desert DG

Desert DG

Decomposed Granite Pewter Grey Color DG

Pewter Grey DG

Amended Top Soil

Amended Top Soil

A1 Infiled Mix Baseball Diamond Dirt

A-1 Infield Mix

Chula Vista . Encinitas . Escondido . Lemon Grove . Murrieta . Santee
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