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How to Shop at RCP

How to Shop at RCP

Visiting a building material yard like RCP can be somewhat intimidating for first-time shoppers. In effort to help first-time customers understand what is involved when shopping with us, we have compiled and answered some of the most common questions we receive...

RCP Delivery Services

RCP Delivery Services

Some of the most common questions we receive from customers focus on our delivery services: "Where do you deliver?", "How much is delivery?", "How soon can my product be delivered?" While we try to make it as easy as possible...

Efflorescence in Masonry Products

The Basics of Efflorescence in Masonry Products

Efflorescence is the unsightly white film or buildup that grows on your concrete walls or concrete pavement. It can be as minimal as a light haze or it can be a heavier accumulation that has the appearance of snow on the surface. Rest assured the occurrence of efflorescence...

Picking the right contractor

Picking the Right Contractor

When planning a project to upgrade your home or yard many factors are involved. Deciding on a design, what materials to use, where to purchase materials, how to install the materials, and how much you can do while staying within your budget can be overwhelming for many homeowners...

Benefits of Concrete Pavers

The Benefits of Interlocking Concrete Pavers

When deciding on constructing or refurbishing a driveway, patio, or walkway, one of the main decisions a homeowner will encounter will be what type of material to use for the project. Should you pour a standard concrete slab? Use asphalt or crushed gravel? What about interlocking concrete pavers?...

Concrete Block Residential Home

Building Residential Homes With Concrete Block

The broad use of concrete blocks, or CMUs, is not just limited to industrial buildings, foundations, or retaining walls. An increasing number of builders and homeowners are recognizing the benefits of using concrete blocks as the primary material in the construction of residential homes...

Magic of Masonry Construction Benefits

The Magic of Masonry

Masonry proves to be a superior building product in many aspects. It has been with us for thousands of years. With performance existing far beyond that of light-weight walls, masonry is the material of our past and will be a viable building material for years into our future. Following are a list of benefits...

Concrete Block Fire Resistant Construction

Concrete Masonry Provides Fire Resistant Construction

In the recent article, “Concrete Masonry Provides Fire Resistant Construction” (PDF) featured in the Concrete Masonry Designs publication, Paul Hargest explores masonry’s role in fire resistant construction. Paul is the president of the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producer Association and...

Fresh New Look with Concrete Stain

A Fresh New Look With Concrete Stain

Staining is a simple way to upgrade, enhance and enrich the appearance of many kinds of concrete products. Whether it be a tired old gray concrete slab (patio or driveway) or an existing retaining wall, paved area, or stonework; with concrete and masonry stain it is easy to give a fresh new look...

Choosing Colors in Hardscape Design

Complimenting or Contrasting Colors in Hardscape Design

What is one of the most difficult decisions a homeowner must make when adding or enhancing his or her home? Some homeowners struggle to find the right contractor or the right price, but one of the most common and unexpected decisions that homeowners must make is choosing the color...

Water Conservation with RCP Products

Water Conservation With RCP Products

It seems as though it is a topic that finds itself constantly in the press. We continuously see its effects in both the decreasing levels of San Diego’s once teeming reservoirs, as well as in the increasing presence of wild fires around the county. The current drought situation...

Rebates for Removing Your Lawn

Rebates For Removing Your Lawn?

It’s no secret that California is in the midst of one of its most severe droughts in history. Rainfall totals are reaching historic lows and reservoirs across the state are seeing dangerously low levels. With extreme droughts come government regulations and programs aimed at lowering water consumption...

Sand Bags for Flood Control

The Rain is Coming... Get Your Sand Bags Ready!

It is Southern California, so estimating the amount of rain we will receive each winter is still anybody’s guess, but even when they say it will be a dry winter, we usually still see quite a bit of rain and flooding. That being said, now time to start preparing for potential flooding and erosion problems...

Hardscape Project Things to Consider

Planning a Hardscape Project: Things to Consider

Planning for an upcoming outdoor home improvement project, whether a complete front and backyard remodel or just adding a little something to your existing yard, can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider when in the planning stages of an outdoor project to make sure you stay on budget...

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