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Local Delivery to San Diego County and Temecula Valley

Some of the most common questions we receive focus on our delivery services: "Where do you deliver?", "How much is delivery?", "How soon can my product be delivered?" Well, we've taken the most frequently asked delivery questions and answered them here. — Still have questions? Please give us a call!

What Areas Are Included in RCP’s Delivery Area?

RCP Block & Brick provides local delivery services to almost all of San Diego County and the Temecula Valley. Delivery to Southern California locations outside of the above “local areas” is available on a case-by-case basis — Please call for more information.

How Much is Delivery?

Delivery charges start at a $180.

This $180 minimum will cover the first six spots on a flatbed truck (each additional spot is $30); or a full tractor trailer load of bulk product. Customer requests for product to be delivered in hoppers or super sacks, when product would not normally be delivered as such, will incur additional fees. Delivery locations outside our normal local delivery area, rural locations, or hard to access locations may incur additional fees.

When Can You Deliver My Product?

RCP Block & Brick delivery schedule runs Monday–Friday from 7:00am–4:00pm (approximately). It includes two delivery runs, one first thing in the morning, and another around noon. RCP schedules deliveries on a first come, first served basis. It is not uncommon for the first available delivery spot to be multiple days out (2 days–5 days depending on current demand). If a scheduled delivery is canceled, or if there are a small number of spots available after a truck has been loaded with scheduled deliveries, we will provide these empty spots as a "work-in" delivery; meaning we will offer these empty spots to customers that have deliveries scheduled for a later time, or to customers who are flexible on delivery time. "Work-in" deliveries may be scheduled throughout the day as available. 


NOTE: While we make every effort to adhere to this schedule, there are many factors that may affect the actual time of product delivery. RCP assumes no liability for inconvenience or labor costs associated with product delivery.

What Kind of Trucks Does RCP Use for Delivery?

RCP operates and maintains its full fleet of delivery trucks out of our dispatch facilities in Otay Mesa, CA; as well as individual delivery trucks at each RCP location. We have the capabilities to service our customers using the following types of delivery vehicles:

How Will My Product Be Packaged?

RCP Block & Brick’s selection of masonry and hardscape products is quite vast, and we therefore have a variety of delivery methods to meet the needs of these various products:

Where Will My Product Be Placed?

When you initially set up a delivery with RCP Block & Brick, the sales associate will work with you to cover any delivery instructions. This is where you will provide the address, gate code access, placement instructions (driveway, street, backyard, etc), and contact information. We will do our best to drop your material where you need it but leave it to discretion of the delivery driver to determine the safety and feasibility of all drop locations.

While we leave the determination of appropriate material placement to the discretion of the delivery driver, the customer can request the material to be placed in a different location or manner than suggested by the driver. In these instances, we ask that the customer both be on-site to supervise the placement of the product, and sign the above release form.

It is unlawful to place material on a public right-of-way (street or sidewalk) without a valid Traffic Control/Encroachment permit. Permit requirements will vary by municipality. The above release form must be signed, stating that all required permits have been obtained, before RCP Block & Brick can spot your material on a public right-of-way.

What Is a Pallet Deposit?

For every RCP pallet on which product is delivered, RCP charges a $35 pallet fee. The customer is reimbursed $31 for each RCP pallet when it is returned. The remaining $4 goes to the maintenance of damaged pallets, and as pallets reach their end-of-life, the purchase of new pallets. 

Pallet reimbursements will be applied to the credit card, or other payment, by which the purchase was made. Reimbursements will only be applied to orders for which a pallet deposit was charged, meaning you won't be able to return a pallet unless you know the order for which it was issued.

NOTE: Pallets must be returned in reusable condition to receive full pallet reimbursement. Pallets originating from companies other than RCP Block & Brick may have varying pallet deposit and reimbursement amounts.

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