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Build a better yard with Bella Vista.

The Bella Vista Hardscape Collection is a premiere selection of the best CONCRETE PAVERS, RETAINING WALL BLOCKS, and FIRE PIT KITS for your outdoor living space. Bella Vista Hardscape Collection provides top hardscape styles and color blends to meet the needs of any hardscape project design. All Bella Vista products meet or exceed industry specifications for durability and are all backed by the RCP Block & Brick name.

Choose Bella Vista and start your journey toward a better yard.  

What is Bella Vista Hardscapes?

The Bella Vista Hardscape Collection consists of the best available hardscape products for your home. Bella Vista Hardscapes includes lines of retaining wall blocks, concrete pavers, fire pit kits, and outdoor fireplaces. An ideal selection of products for creating a combination of functional and aesthetically-pleasing outdoor living spaces.

The Bella Vista Hardscape line provides one of the largest selections of different textures, styles, and color blends to meet the needs of any landscape design project. Our mission is to continuously evolve. Working directly with industry professionals to keep abreast of current design trends. Constantly growing to bring you the most innovative selection of available hardscape products on the market today.

Choose the Bella Vista Hardscape Collection for your home and experience the difference for yourself. 

Bella Vista is both a collection and a brand.

Bella Vista Hardscapes is both a collection of products as well as a brand of product. Included in the Bella Vista Hardscape Collection, you will find both "Bella Vista" branded items as well as products from other worldwide brands such as Keystone Retaining Wall blocks. Products that hold the Bella Vista brand have been custom developed in-house by RCP Block & Brick; based on over 70 years of experience working directly with, and meeting the needs of contractors, designers, and homeowners alike. Bella Vista Hardscapes Collection combines the best available hardscape products available to meet the needs of any hardscape design project.

What is Hardscape?

Hardscape is a general term used to describe the non-living aspects of landscape design. Hardscape includes such products as wall blocks, concrete pavers, decorative rocks, poured concrete, decomposed granite, stepping stones, edgers, wood, metal; and other products such as water features, fire features, outdoor kitchens, and patio covers. Although most of the above products are readily available at RCP Block & Brick, the Bella Vista Hardscape collection is intended to encompass only those manufactured concrete products; specifically wall blocks, pavers, fire pits, and outdoor fireplace kit.

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