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Shotblast Concrete Block

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Shotblast Concrete Block

Shotblasting is a texturing technique that is applied mainly to Precision Block units. The blasting of the block faces with shot, creates a textured relief look which not only give depth to the concrete block unit, but exposes the inner aggregates. The amount of shotblast can be adjusted from light to heavy for more design flexibility. Structural specifications of the block units are not affected by the shotblast texturing treatment.

Shotblast Concrete Masonry Unit Texture

Color Examples:

Shotblast texturing is available on any Precision Block color.

NOTE: Colors may vary. For color chip samples, please contact RCP Block & Brick's Architectural Support.


Castle Grey Shotblast Concrete Block CMU Color Example

Castle Grey

Buff Shotblast Concrete Block CMU Color Example


El Rancho Shotblast Concrete Block CMU Color Example

El Rancho

La Paz Shotblast Concrete Block CMU Color Example

La Paz

Shapes & Sizes:

8x8x16 Standard

8x8x16 Standard

8x8x16 Bond Beam

8x8x16 Bond Beam

8x8x16 Open End Standard

8x8x16 Open End

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