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Shotblast Concrete Blocks

Shotblast Concrete Blocks have a textured, pitted finish. The technique of shot-blasting involves the blasting of precision block faces with "shot". This creates a relief texture which not only gives depth to the concrete block, but exposes the inner aggregates. The intensity of the Shotblast can be adjusted from light to heavy for more design flexibility. Both structural an non-structural shotblast concrete blocks are available. Shotblast concrete blocks are available a variety of both common and specialty concrete block sizes.

  • Structural Units conform to ASTM C90, ACI 530, California Building Code (CBC) Chapter 21, and International Building Code (CBC)
  • Non-Structural Units conform to ASTM C129
  • Custom colors, weights, and design strengths available
  • For project-specific questions, please contact RCP Block & Brick
Shotblast Concrete Blocks CMU Piece

Shotblast Block Colors

NOTE: Shotblast units are a special order product. Lead time and other requirements will vary depending on project specifications. Colors may vary compared to what is displayed online. To ensure satisfaction, please request color chip samples by contacting RCP Block & Brick Architectural Support.

Shotblast Block Sizes & Shapes

NOTE: All Sizes Are Nominal

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