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Types of Flagstone . Disclaimer


Flagstone is a term used to describe flat pieces of stone that have been quarried and cut into various thicknesses. Flagstone landscaping rocks include quartzites, slates, and sandstones. Flagstone landscaping rocks are perfect for creating stone patios, stone pathways, steps through garden areas, pool coping, and a variety of other uses.

NOTE: Product availability will vary by location. Color may vary by load. To ensure satisfaction, please view actual product samples.

Sunset Flagmat Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Sunset Flagmat

Desert Gold Flagmat Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Desert Gold Flagmat

Arizona Tan Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Arizona Tan

Arizona Flagstone Landscaping Rocks


Brazilian Yellow Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Brazilian Yellow

California Gold Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

California Gold

Cameron Flagstone Landscaping Rocks


Chocolate Charcoal Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Chocolate Charcoal

Chocolate Flagstone Landscaping Rocks


Gold Quartzite Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Gold Quartzite

Golden Ray Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Golden Ray

Himalayan Kashmere Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Himalayan Kashmere

Sydney Peak Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Sydney Peak

Park Valley Green Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Park Valley Green

Peacock Flagstone Landscaping Rocks


Bluestone Flagstone Landscaping Rocks


Sunwood Quartzite Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Sunwood Quartzite

Sedona Red Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Sedona Red

Silver Quartzite Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Silver Quartzite

Panther Flagstone Landscaping Rocks


Brown Mist Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Brown Mist

French Vanilla Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

French Vanilla

Sockeye Quartzite Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Sockeye Quartzite

Palomino Quartzite Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Palomino Quartzite

Antique Black Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Antique Black

Pearl Gray Flagstone Landscaping Rocks

Pearl Gray

What are the different types of Flagstone?

When flagstone is quarried it is cut into a variety of thicknesses, each supporting a different use. Below is a brief description of the standard cuts available. NOTE: Not all styles are available in every cut.

Thin Flagstone

Thickness: 1.5" Minus - Thin flagstone is normally used in instances where the stone will be placed over a concrete slab and mortared into place. This is due to the thin thickness of this style of flagstone, which could easily break if set in sand. Thin flagstone is great for stone patios, stairs, and walkways. When looking at price per square foot, you will get significantly more thin flagstone than regular flagstone for the same price.

Regular Flagstone

Thickness: 1"-2.5" - Regular flagstone is traditionally set in sand or dg. An underlaying concrete slab is usually not needed as this flagstone can normally stand up to regular foot traffic. Regular flagstone can be used when creating natural stone pathways, stepping stones through gardens, or other decorative features. Regular flagstone comes in large sheets of stone.

Patio Grade Flagstone

Thickness: 1"-2.5"; Smaller Pieces - Patio grade flagstone is basically regular flagstone, but that has broken up into smaller, easy to handle pieces. Patio grade flagstone is normally less expensive than the regular style flagstone in the same color. Ideal for projects or designs that require many smaller pieces of stone (not large sheets).

Tumbled Flagstone

Thickness: 1.5"-4"; Weathered Look - Tumbled flagstone has been tumbled to give it a soft-edged, weathered look. Tumbled flagstone is normally available in larger thicknesses than other cuts as the tumbling process can be quite rough, requiring a thicker stone to stand up to it. As far as cost is concerned, tumbled flagstone can be on the higher end.


Prefabricated interlocking sections of stone - Flagmats are precut pieces of quality natural stone affixed to mesh backing for easy handling and installation. Flagmats fits together similar to a puzzle, reducing time and difficulty of installation. Each flagmat covers 5.38 sqft.

Natural Stone Disclaimer

Natural stone is a relatively hard, naturally formed mineral or petrified matter, produced by nature. Part of it’s beauty are the veins, color variation, striation and an infinite number of anomalies from fossils to fractures that create the unique look and feel of a natural stone.

Therefore, considerable variations including, but not limited to, color, texture, size, and cleft may and probably will be present. These “imperfections” in color range, veining, and texture are responsible for creating the look, style and feel you are attempting to achieve.

We at RCP Block & Brick strive to obtain and sell the highest quality and most diverse selection of natural stone available in the market today. Even though we do provide as much information as we have regarding any particular stone, it is still necessary for you to understand and accept one tried and true fact and a few possibilities about natural stone before making your final selection.

Possible changes may include, but are not limited to:

Several factors influence the type and rate of weathering, alteration and decay of any natural stone but it is important to know that one of these or some other conditions could affect your stone.

All natural stone products are sold “AS IS”. There is no warranty of any kind expressed or implied. This is including, but not limited to the merchantability, fitness or suitability for a particular purpose. As such, the installation or use of natural stone products constitutes acceptance, thereby releasing RCP Block & Brick from any and all claims.

All natural stone products are non-returnable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

For more information, please contact RCP Block & Brick.

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