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Interlocking Concrete Pavers

HydroGrid Permeable Pavers


The Bella Vista HydroGrid Permeable Concrete Pavers offer a solution to the need for concrete paving that allows water to permeate the soil. HydroGrid paving units are excellent for projects that require these permeable paving characteristics. With a 39% open space, interlocking design, and ability to support moderate vehicular traffic, the HydroGrid Permeable Concrete Paver is the perfect unit for your next project.

HydroGrid Specifications:

HydroGrid Permeable Concrete Pavers Piece
Thickness: 4"
Width: 11.625"
Length: 11.625"
Core Measurement: 3"x3" each
PCS/sqft: 1
PCS/pallet: 128 pcs
Sqft/pallet: 128 sqft
Lbs/pallet: 3720 lbs

NOTE: All sizes are nominal.

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