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HydroGrid Permeable Concrete Pavers

HydroGrid Permeable Concrete Pavers offer 39% open space for drainage. These permeable pavers have an interlocking design, allowing for easy installation. It is recommended to fill the empyt cores with a permeable materials such as a crushed stone or pebble. The HydroGrid permeable concrete pavers can support moderate vehicular traffic. Excellent for driveway, parking, and walkway applications that need permeable paving characteristics. The HydroGrid Permeable concrete pavers are yet another amazing product from the Bella Vista Hardscape Collection.

  • 39% drainage openings in paver surface
  • Supports moderate vehicular traffic
  • Interlocking design for easy installation
  • Fill cores with permeable material such as crushed gravel
HydroGrid Concrete Paver

Product Specifications

The HydroGrid Permeable Concrete Paver provides an amazing 39% drainage. Sold in any quantity needed for your permeable paving project. HydroGrid permeable pavers will support light vehicular traffic.

Bella Vista HydroGrid Permeable Concrete Paver Pieces

NOTE: All Sizes Are Nominal

Unit Specs
Width: 11.625"
Length: 11.625"
Thickness: 4"
Core Size: 3"x3" each
PCS/sqft: 1
Pallet Specs
PCS/pallet: 128
SQFT/pallet: 128
LBS/pallet: 3,720

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