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Stonetop Concrete Pavers

The Bella Vista Stonetop Concrete Pavers are designed with a cleft surface which mimics the texture and appearance of natural stone. The unique style and relief texture of the Stonetop concrete pavers are perfect for any paver patio, paver driveway, or paver walkway project. The Stonetop concrete pavers are part of the Bella Vista Hardscape Collection.

  • RCP Lifetime Warranty
  • 8000psi is 4 times stronger than poured concrete
  • Interlocking concrete paver systems are flexible and will not crack
  • Low maintenance, easily replace pieces if needed

Available Colors

NOTE: Colors may vary compared to what is displayed online. To ensure satisfaction, please view actual product samples.

RCP Limited Lifetime Paver Warranty

Product Specifications

The Bella Vista Stonetop Concrete Paver is a 3-piece system that includes Jumbo, Rectangle, and Square pieces. The Stonetop pavers are sold in any quantity or sizes needed for your particular project.

Compressive Strength: Average 8000psi (55MPa). Conforms to ASTM C936 requirements.

Bella Vista Stonetop Concrete Paver Pieces

NOTE: All Sizes Are Nominal

A:  Jumbo
Width: 11"
Length: 8.25"
Thickness: 2.375" (60mm)
PCS/sqft: 1.59
PCS/pallet: 180
SQFT/pallet: 113
LBS/pallet: 3090
B: Rectangle
Width: 8.25"
Length: 5.5"
Thickness: 2.375"(60mm)
PCS/sqft: 3.17
PCS/pallet: 350
SQFT/pallet: 110
LBS/pallet: 3035
C:  Square
Width: 5.5"
Length: 5.5"
Thickness: 2.375" (60mm)
PCS/sqft: 4.76
PCS/pallet: 560
SQFT/pallet: 118
LBS/pallet: 3080

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