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Concrete Pavers

Turf Block Concrete Pavers

Turf Block Concrete Pavers

The Bella Vista Turf Block Concrete Pavers allows you to turn your driveway, parking area, or emergency access lane into a beautiful greenbelt that is easily mowed and maintained. Turf Block concrete paver units are designed for occasional use and light parking applications. The Turf Block paving unit is a manufactured concrete unit that provides soil chambers for planting and raised grids for wheel contact.

Turf Block Specifications:

Turf Block Driveable Grass Paving Units
Turf Block
Thickness: 5"
Width: 23.5"
Length: 17.5"
Sqft/each: 3 sqft
PCS/pallet: 32 pcs
Sqft/pallet: 96 sqft
Lbs/pallet: 2920 lbs

NOTE: All sizes are nominal.

Turf Block Applications:

Light Vehicle Parking:

Turf Block Installation Example

Slopes up to 45°:

Turf Block Installation Slope
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