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Keystone Stone Face Wall Cap
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Stone Face Wall Cap

The Keystone Stone Face Wall Cap is designed to beautifully complement the straight face design of the larger Keystone structural retaining wall block units. This cap provides some design flexibility as it is available in both an 8" high and 4" high unit. Available in the same color selection as the wall block for which it was designed to match.

Designed for use with the following wall styles:

Keystone Stone Face Wall Cap Unit

Available Colors

NOTE: A variety of custom colors are available through special order when minimum quantities are met. Colors may vary compared to what is displayed online. To ensure satisfaction, please view actual product samples.

Product Specifications

Keystone Stone Face Wall Cap Pieces

NOTE: All Sizes Are Nominal

A: 8" Unit
Width: 18"
Height: 8"
Depth: 10"
Weight: 108 lbs
PCS/lnft: .66
PCS/pallet: 40
LBS/pallet: 4,380
B: 4" Unit
Width: 18"
Height: 4"
Depth: 10"
Weight: 54 lbs
PCS/lnft: .66
PCS/pallet: 64
LBS/pallet: 3,516

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