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Keystone Stonegate Contemporary Wall Cap
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Stonegate Contemporary Wall Cap

The Keystone Stonegate Contemporary Wall Cap is designed to work perfectly with the Stonegate Contemporary wall block system. This wall cap unit is a universal, one piece system, specially created to allow easy capping of straight wall runs, wall corners, wall ends, and wall columns. The Stonegate Contemporary Wall cap is available in a selection of complementary solid colors to match the blended colors found in the Stonegate Contemporary wall block. This modern, clean-lined wall cap is the perfect finish for your Stonegate Contemporary wall.

Designed for use with the following wall styles:

Keystone Stonegate Contemporary Wall Cap Unit

Available Colors

NOTE: Colors may vary compared to what is displayed online. Please view product samples.

Product Specifications

Keystone Stonegate Contemporary Wall Cap Pieces

NOTE: All Sizes Are Nominal

Unit Specs
Width: 12"/10"
Height: 3"
Depth: 11"
Weight: 31 lbs
PCS/lnft: 1.09
PCS/pallet: 96
LBS/pallet: 4,028

Layout Diagram

Keystone Stonegate Wall Cap Layout Diagram

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