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Ridgestone Retaining Wall Blocks

The Bella Vista Ridgestone Retaining Wall Blocks are designed with a straight, split face which mimics the look of chiseled stone. This lipped unit is similar to the classic Keystone Legacy in size and function, is easy to handle and stack, and excellent for mid-sized retaining wall applications.

  • Retaining Walls up to 36"
  • Great for straight, curved, and terraced wall designs
  • Connect units using incorporated lip system, designed to fit securely behind the lower course

The Bella Vista Ridgestone is part of the Bella Vista Hardscape Collection.

Available Colors

NOTE: Colors may vary compared to what is displayed online. To ensure satisfaction, please view actual product samples.

Product Specifications

The Bella Vista Ridgestone Retaining Wall Block is a single, easy to stack unit. Connection between block is made by an incorporated lip system. The lip on the bottom back of each unit fits behind the block on which it is being placed.

Bella Vista Ridgestone Retaining Wall Block Pieces

NOTE: All Sizes Are Nominal

Unit Specs
Width: 9"
Height: 6"
Length: 16""
Weight (lbs): 52
PCS/sqft: 1.5
Pallet Specs
PCS/pallet: 48
SQFT/pallet: 32
LBS/pallet: 2,556

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