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Common Questions from First-Time Shoppers

We get a lot of questions from first-time shoppers, so we want to get you some answers! We have compiled some of the most common questions we get from shoppers new to how RCP Block & Brick. You will most likely have a question that is not covered here, so please give us a call, email, text, or contact message!
We look forward helping you with your next hardscape or masonry project.

Is RCP Open to the Public?

Yes. RCP Block & Brick is open to both homeowners as well as professional contractors. Whether your project entails just a couple stepping stones or an entire backyard makeover, our friendly sales staff is here to answer your questions, give you suggestions, and generally help you get your project started on the right foot.

Where Do I Start When I Get to RCP?

When you arrive at one of our locations, you should first visit the Sales Office. There, one of our friendly sales staff will be able to answer any questions, help point you in the right direction, and help you with your needs.

Where Can I See Displays of Installed Products?

You can see installed examples of products in-person at any of our six retail locations. While not every product is installed at every location, we strive to provide a good varity of products in our displays. If there is a specific product you are hoping to see installed, give us a call and we can see if we can locate a real-life example for you to check out.

Can I Walk around the Yard and Look at the Products?

Absolutely. Feel free to walk around and see the products in person. This will allow you to view, in person, the true sizes, colors, and overall variety in the products we stock. If you need help, just ask!

Can I Get Product Samples to Bring Home?

You sure can. Although availability and charges will vary between products, so give us a call and let us know what you need!

Is There a Minimum Purchase Quantity on Products?

For the most part, there is not a required minimum purchase quantity; but it depends on the product. While you can normally purchase as little or as much of a product to suit your needs, there are a handful of products where a certain minimum quantity must be met.

How Can I Figure How Much Product I Need?

The first step is to know the different elements of your project (walls, paver area, rock, etc.), and planned measurements of these project areas (Length, width, height). A drawing can also be very beneficial when explaining your plan. We can do our best to figure the products quantities you will need and provide you with an estimate on cost of the products.

How Can I Get My Product Home?

After purchasing your product, you can either schedule a delivery through RCP Block & Brick’s Delivery Services or bring the product home yourself. For those picking up product themselves, our yard team will be happy to load up your vehicle for you.

Can RCP Recommend a Contractor for My Project?

We sure can. RCP Block & Brick can provide referrals to contractors that specialize in your particular project. Just contact the location nearest you and we can find some referalls for your area.

NOTE: Referred contractors are not directly affiliated with RCP Block & Brick.

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