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Permeable Pavers Are Part of a Larger System

In the realm of sustainable urban development, the integration of innovative technologies and eco-friendly solutions has become paramount. One solution for managing stormwater is using permeable interlocking concrete pavers, also known as permeable pavers. These paving systems offer a revolutionary approach to mitigating the adverse effects of urbanization on water runoff while providing a host of environmental benefits.

The simple explanation of what permeable paver are, is that they are concrete pavers designed  allow water to permeate. Permeable pavers are an integral part of a larger engineered system which can include permeable joint material, open-graded bedding material, open-graded base resevoir, open-graded subbase resevoir, and drainage. Permeable concrete paver systems are professional designed and engineered on a site-specific basis. There is no one-designed system that will work for all applications. Rainfall, soil conditions, and permeability requirements will all factor into the final design.

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How Permeable Pavers Work

The secret behind the functionality of permeable interlocking concrete pavers lies in their unique design and underlying system design. These pavers are designed with larger than normal spacing between the paving units. This spacing allows water to pass through the surface and into the "resevoir" layers below. The HydroLogic Permeable Pavers from RCP Block & Brick provide a 5/16" joint, which allows 5%-15% drainage through the paver surface area. Workers install pavers on a base of crushed stone or aggregate.

  1. Porous Surface:

    The top layer of a permeable paver system are the pavers themselves. These pavers features voids or openings that permit water to flow through. These pavers were designed with this porous surface to allow rainwater to infiltrate, rather than creating surface runoff.

  2. Permeable Base:

    Under the pavers, there can be multiple layers of permeable base materials like crushed stone that lets water pass through. This layer acts as a reservoir, storing excess water and allowing it to slowly percolate into the ground.

  3. Eco-Friendly Storm Water Management:

    By promoting on-site infiltration, permeable pavers play a crucial role in stormwater management. They reduce the volume and velocity of runoff, minimizing the risk of flooding and erosion. Also, they filter the water removing harmful substances from the water, making the water cleaner and safer to use.

Environmental Benefits

The use of permeable interlocking concrete pavers aligns with eco-friendly practices and sustainable urban development. Some notable environmental benefits include:

  1. Less Heat Island Effect:

    Regular surfaces in cities soak up and keep heat, causing higher temperatures. Permeable pavers, by allowing water infiltration, help mitigate this effect by maintaining cooler surface temperatures.

  2. Preservation of Natural Aquifers:

    Permeable pavers enable rainwater to recharge natural aquifers, replenishing groundwater levels. This helps maintain a sustainable balance in water resources and reduces dependence on external water sources.

  3. Enhanced Biodiversity:

    The increased permeable qualities of surfaces created by these pavers promotes healthier soil conditions and supports vegetation growth. This, in turn, fosters biodiversity, creating a more ecologically balanced environment. 

Permeable interlocking concrete pavers represent a revolutionary approach to stormwater management in urban areas. These pavers reduce runoff, prevent water pollution, and promote eco-friendly practices. They allow water to soak through their porous surfaces and permeable bases. This helps to protect the environment and support sustainable practices. As cities continue to grapple with the challenges of urbanization, permeable pavers emerge as a sustainable solution that harmonizes urban development with environmental stewardship.

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