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Concrete Paver Circle Pattern

The Bella Vista Concrete Paver Circle Pattern provide the ability to easily add complete circles, half circles, or fan patterns to your paver area, bringing a unique feel to your overall project. The Bella Vista Paver Circle Patterns are sold in "Circle Kits" and designed to compliment the Antique Cobble, Stonetop, and Stonetop Tumbled concrete paver styles.

The Bella Vista Concrete Paver Circle Patterns are part of the Bella Vista Hardscape Collection.

Circle Pattern Concrete Paver

RCP Limited Lifetime Paver Warranty

Product Specifications

The Bella Vista Concrete Paver Circle Patterns  are sold in what is referred to as a "Circle Package". Each Circle Package contains 62 sqft of pavers; made up of a set number of Centerpiece (1), Large Wedge (17), Small Wedge (192), and Rectangle (192) pieces:

Compressive Strength: Average 8000psi (55MPa). Conforms to ASTM C936 requirements.

Layout Options

NOTE: Being Circle Kits are designed to accommodate a variety of pattern options, you will be left with unused pieces.

Pattern Diameter # of Kits SQFT Unused
Full Circle 7'9" 1 47 sqft 15 sqft
Full Circle 12'6" 2 123 sqft > 1 sqft
Half Circle 12'6" 1 62 sqft < 1 sqft

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