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What are the RCP Block & Brick Hardscape and Masonry Calculators?

The RCP Hardscape and Masonry Calculators are developed to help our customers easily figure product quantities and installation material quantities for some of our most popular products. These calculators are designed to be used for basic project designs where no special circumstances are present.

What types of products can I calculate?

The RCP Hardscape and Masonry Calculators include calculations for basic installations of:

NOTE: If your project includes products, elements, or special situations that are beyond the simplicity of the RCP Calculators, please contact any RCP Block & Brick retail sales locations near you and we will be able to help you over the phone or in person.

What information do I need to use the calculators?

The most important things you need to effectively use these calculators are a plan for what you want to accomplish and accurate measurements of the project area. You will need measurements of the length and width of the project areas.

How accurate are the RCP Hardscape and Masonry Calculators?

While the RCP Calculators use industry standard calculations to provide the best possible estimate for your project, they are only as good as the measurements you provide. With good measurements, and as long as your project fits within the simplicity of the calculations, the provided quantities of both product and required installation materials will be quite accurate.

Where can I find the RCP Calculators?

RCP’s Hardscape and Masonry Calculators are available as a download for both Android and Apple mobile devices from their respective app stores. Please follow the links at the top of this page.

Can I get a price quote on the resulting calculations?

Yes. On both the Android and Apple mobile device apps, after you work up your product quantity estimates, there is a button to “Request a Quote”. Once this request is received, one of our friendly staff will email you a quote. If any additional information is required, they will reach out to you to finalize the details of your project.

As always, please feel free to reach out to any of our retail sales locations if you have questions. 
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